Getting A Coach


All of our coaches are Skate Canada certified through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).  Our coaches are hired by the club to provide group instruction.  The club allows the coaches to teach on the club's ice-time to provide skaters with privately arranged lessons.  All coaches are self-employed and therefore must be approached directly for lesson inquiries.


If a skater wishes to change coaches, etiquette dictates that the skater's parents ask the new coach if they would be willing to teach the skater, then the parents inform the former coach of the change and pay them in full before taking any lessons from the new coach. Skate Canada requires that the former coach gracefully relinquish any skater that wishes to change coaches.


Hi my name is Stacey Enwright and I was born and raised here in the small town of  Lefroy.  I am a qualified Canskate, CanPower and Primary Starskate certified (Level 1) coach.   I am also a qualified teacher, able to teach at the Primary/Junior/Intermediate/Senior level, and currently working in the secondary panel.   I have graduated with Honours Bachelor of Physical and Health Education (B.P.H.E.) through Laurentian University in May 2006.  In addition, I have graduated with The Masters of Secondary Teachers Program from Griffith University in Queensland, Australia in June 2008.  


I have been involved in skating for at least 20 years in ways such as competing, volunteering, coaching and evaluator/judge.  I was a member of the Lefroy Skating Club for over 10 years and skated at the Mariposa School of Skating in the off season.  I am very proud to be coaching in a club I skated in myself. During my skating career I set goals and had many accomplishments in the sport such as;  I have my gold dance and dance variation test, gold skills , Sr. Silver freeskate, Bronze artistic and my pre-novice competitive singles.   I was a successful skater and I am an overall well rounded coach.  I love the sport of skating and look forward to working with young skaters to pass on my knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.  I look forward to hearing from you. J



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